Emergency Clinic Berea

We take care of you, we want you to be healthy and we provide you with emergency interventions. When you have a health problem, you can contact us.

Urgent Care Berea Ky provides modern medical treatment and routine health care. Our doctors can treat all injuries and diseases that are not life-threatening. We also offer services of preventive care, health at work, treatment for opiate addiction, narcotics, and much more. In our clinic, you will not have to wait like with most doctors. With us, you can get medicines, fast and top service, examinations by appointment or come immediately.

Urgent Care Berea Ky

We can give you various instructions for early disease specialists. We monitor your condition and take care of you. Understand that health is paramount and that you need to take care of yourself, take therapies regularly, and eat properly. We treat tendon, muscle injuries, muscle strains, respiratory infections, mild asthma, when you get a wound that needs to be sutured or bandaged, insect or animal bites, fractures, allergic reactions, and much more. We have special wards for everyone who needs special attention. We are happy to help you and direct you to where you need to go. Our doctors are ready and careful in every situation. So don’t worry.

Urgent Care Berea Ky offers only the quality care you need. People will not wait for several hours because it is crowded, everyone can have their own appointment. Everything is easier with us and we have a system that we work on.