Running an online business is a dream for many. Some have managed to bring it to life by choosing a niche, picking a few reliable suppliers and selling their products on an e-commerce website. In order to avoid payment processors, some business owners decided to deny their customers the option to pay online with a credit card. This can be a costly decision, though, as many potential buyers would quit your website and seek for their desired products elsewhere. You can’t have a successful online business without a reliable payment platform.

If you’re in search for a payment platform that’s built for growth, you may want to take a closer look at BlueSnap. This app could be exactly what you need to offer your customers a seamless and reliable online payment solution with a minimum of hassle and very low costs. Here are a few of the features that make BlueSnap a viable option for all online commerce businesses regardless of their industry or size.

This platform offers intelligent payment routing, thus helping you optimize your costs and simplify the payment process. You’ll benefit from one account connected to a whole network of global banks without having to manage multiple accounts and to pay fees for each and every of them.

Your customers can to choose their preferred currency, as BlueSnap offers more than 100 shopper currencies. This should help you increase your sales, as people won’t have to put up with currency exchange fees that could make them choose another seller.

The integrated fraud and chargeback management helps you avoid losses by keeping your account and your online transactions as secure s can be. Also, the built-in solutions for tax compliance will keep you on the safe side in regard to legal requirements and regulations.

All these make BlueSnap an interesting choice for businesses that seek to grow at a steady and healthy pace.