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1. Develop a creative media strategy for the following fictitious scenario:...

2. SMRB or __________________________________ is a national study of buying habits and has a sample base of approximately ______________________________.


1. On the following page, calculate the total TRPís per station for the allocated spots, just as the first station has been done for you. Also, calculate the total dollars for each station. Then compute your CPP's for each station, just as the first example has shown...

2. Each station needs to be evaluated on four aspects before being included on a buy. Those four aspects are:...


1. Smart buyers employ a "global management factor", because it serves two purposes. They are:...

2. Good buyers evaluate both CPP's as well as CPM's because it gives them two cost efficiencies instead of one to look at. It also gives them the advantage to be able to inform the rep by how much a spot is over-priced. __ True __ False

Cable TV:

1. A cable channel must receive _________% of the viewing in order for it to show up in the Nielsen book.

2. Cable TV is best used with another medium. It is ______________________________________.


1. Online advertising is designed to accomplish one or more of the following objectives: _______________________________________

2. The majority of online ad space goes unsold. This means the buyers have the upper hand and can demand "pay-for-performance" metrics. __ True __ False


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