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S.T.A.M.P. has come up with a way that makes Certification easyÖif you can pass the exam, of course.

  1. Review the three designations available, and choose the one that fits your background.

  2. Review the eligibility requirements to determine that you have the background and experience required.

  3. Designate a proctor who will administer the test. (Must be supervisory or management level.)

  4. Complete the application form.

  5. Mail the completed application and check for the appropriate fee to: S.T.A.M.P., 28 Levingston Circle, Lancaster, PA, 17601.

  6. After receipt and review of your application, we will send you a letter confirming your test date.

  7. The day before the test date, the exam and instructions will be sent, over-night express, to the proctor you designated.

  8. On the day of the test, the proctor will provide you with the test book. This is a closed book exam. You are not allowed to have any reference material, notes, etc. with you while taking the test. The exam will be timed, and your proctor will be instructed to oversee the process.

  9. When you have finished the exam, return it to your proctor who will complete an affidavit, and return it to us via over night express shipping.

  10. The Certification Committee will convene and review your completed exam.

  11. You will be sent a pass/fail notice within 2 to 3 weeks. A passing grade is considered a score of 75% or better overall. Applicants who receive a passing grade will also receive a Certificate of Certification.

Thatís itÖitís just that simple. Why not apply today?

It is time this industry, like many others, has a watchdog system in place to weed out the "know-nothings."


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